Today was going to be so productive. It really was. It was going to be just like last weekend when we were up early, and buying boxes by 10am to organise our wardrobes (our Marie Kondo efforts will be shared in a later post!), brunching by 1pm, and home with mountains of washing done by 4pm. I had my To-Do list ready to go, subdivided into ‘House’, ‘Baby’, and ‘General Life Admin’.

Instead, we switched off our alarm, woke up naturally and shamefully late, sat around chatting with family (and me obsessively photographing the family dogs), lit a fire, and are now about to sit down to Bird Box on Netflix. Oh, and before I forget, my late night Thursday online mini shopping haul (of apparently all red items?) arrived, and I ordered a single item on my maternity bag list. That means I can feel some sense of achievement…right?!

I could sit and ponder on our wasted Saturday, but I’d much rather kick back and have cuddles with my poodle. Plus, we don’t have many of these lazy, guilt free weekends remaining so we kind of deserve it.

Movie snack recommendation (and best recent discovery): The Natural Confectionary Company Sour Squirms.

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